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Roman Slavery

We started to look at the Ancient Romans in Humanities class and had just finished a presentation on slavery in Ancient Rome. 

What I found most interesting about them was...

What I found interesting was that Masters can kill theirs slave(s) anytime and for any reason. It interesting for me because i thought even though a slave is its master's property but they couldn't just kill them. 

What I also found interesting was that slaves could have better jobs for example: barbers, hairdressers, teachers, nurses, sometimes even business. I alway thought that slaves only do the dirty work that people didn't want to do, and also they were the lowest class in the society. Only two reasons that this could happen. First, the slave is well educated so they can do more brain works than physical works like farming or digging in a mine. Second, the master of the slave(s) is kind doesn't let them so that much hard work but let them do easier jobs.   

How did the Romans led different lives from people living today?...

The led very different lives from people living today. I think there are three main difference slavery, war, violent games. 

Even though slavery still happens now it is illegal in many places now to own a slave. Romans depends on slaves way too much, it is estimated 25% of the people in Rome are slaves. It replaced most Romans' work so it helped their economy before very much before, but part of the reason that Roman empire has fallen is because of them.  

Now we don't have wars that often like Ancient Romans, but in modern time now we have much dangerous weapons but not that people die. In Ancient Rome only could use their body to fight, now we have automatic weapons.

In Ancient Rome they have gladiators. People kill each other to earn money, and citizens watch it to entertain their selves which is very violent to modern people like us. Even though we have dangerous games too but not about killing.


I think learning one of the biggest ancient civilizations is fun. Especially the Romans, they have a extremely different life than us. I would like to learn more about other things about them if I have a chance next time.

By: Alex Chen
Published: 1/20/11