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How civilized were the Ancient Greeks?

This trimester we studied the Ancient Greeks. The Ancient Greeks are interesting because they invented so many things, and the were the fist civilization to have democracy. They had good architecture, literature, art,  religion, and famous wars.


The Greeks were civilized because they started democracy and created so much for the people now. For example the two famous literature pieces " The Odyssey" and the "Iliad". They built a beautiful temple called the Parthenon. They made up all the god and goddess in their religion's mythology. And every god had lots of excited stories behind them. They were good at making art and statues of their gods too. They were known as the first civilization to use Democracy. People can choose their own politics.

Not Civilized

The Ancient Greeks were not civilized in many ways too. Democract wasn't totally fair. Women, children, slaves, metics(people who comes from other places to work) can't vote. They had slavery which is not a fair thing for some people. Slaves had to do most of the house work, and each family could keep up to 5 slaves or more. In Sparta the estimated slaves were 9 times more than normal citizens. Which means 1 Spartan has about 9 slaves. Also when a Spartan grow up they were suppose to kill the slaves to prove that they're real a man. Greeks was not civilized is also because they had so much wars going on. It wasn't safe for their citizens.  They were also not civilized because women had only a little bit right and freedom. They had to get their husband's permission to even go out of the house. They have prostitution in Greece a lot. Women  sell their body to earn money. I think that is very not civilized and the government didn't change anything. Also, only boys can go to school and have education. But I think it is also not good just to teach athletic and music. They should learn more literature so their future won't just be a soldier they can be a part of the government's politic organizer. 


I think the conclusion of if the Greeks were civilized is hard to answer. Some parts are civilized and some are not. I think that they were not so civilized. There were too much slavery and prostitution.